Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI): 4 Things You Need to Know

In the days of yore, the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” reigned supreme. While it made perfect sense, this type of reactionary approach to vehicle maintenance proved to be extremely expensive. 

Today, digital vehicle inspection technology can proactively detect minor problems before they evolve into more expensive repairs. Simply put, a digital vehicle inspection is a test performed by a technician utilizing a tablet or digital device to record the results.

Auto mechanic uses a tablet to diagnose and record inspection results. Concept image of “Digital Vehicle Inspection: 4 Things You Need to Know” | Kanuga Tire & Auto in Hendersonville, NC.

At Kanuga Tire & Auto, we utilize the latest and most advanced digital vehicle inspection equipment to create a win-win scenario. Let’s explore the key benefits and other things you need to know about this service.

1. The Inspection Process is Digital (Literally).

Digital vehicle inspection (DVI) is designed to be more efficient and deliver a better experience. Here’s how the process works at Kanuga Tire & Auto: 

  • You bring your vehicle to us and tell us your concerns. 
  • Our service underwriter will enter the details into our system to convey the information to the technician. 
  • Our technician will complete the necessary inspection, complete a report with recommended repairs, and provide high-resolution videos and photos. 
  • This information is then digitally sent to you, so you can decide whether to approve or decline the repairs.

2. Bye, Bye Paper & Illegible Handwriting.

A decade ago, paper inspections were the way to get the job done. Technicians would inspect your vehicle and jot their findings on a standard paper checklist. 

Unfortunately, the handwriting was usually an illegible chicken scratch! Because of the illegible writing, most customers would throw this critical piece of paper in the trash. 

Digital vehicle inspections remedy these problems by documenting the findings digitally in an easy-to-read form.

3. Digital Vehicle Inspection Allows Better Recordkeeping.

Today, most people are comfortable receiving emails and digital communications. This makes handwritten inspection reports obsolete. 

Our DVI tools allow us to communicate with you in a more modern way. Whether it’s email, text message, or other digital methods of communication, we can quickly share the information you need. 

Best of all, you can keep the digital report in the cloud or on a device for as long as you decide.

4. You Can See & Approve Suggested Repairs Without Physically Being There.

With the paper inspection form, most technicians and service underwriters would offer to walk you out to your vehicle to show you the parts that need replacement. This can take extra time, and it wasn’t very customer-focused. 

With DVI technology, our technician can capture high-resolution images and videos to show you the problem without you physically having to be there. This means you can drop your vehicle off at Kanuga Tire & Auto, go home, or run errands, and we can send you high-resolution images and videos of the problem. 

When you receive the information, you can just remotely approve or decline the repairs. Yes, you don’t need to drop by our shop to give us the go-signal for the repair.

Experience the Convenience of Digital Vehicle Inspection at Kanuga Tire & Auto

We are not only the best auto repair center in Hendersonville, NC. We are also the only shop in the area that utilizes DVI technology. 

This is a testament to how we leverage state-of-the-art diagnostics technology and practices to provide faster, reliable repairs and to look after your convenience. The way we embrace digital vehicle inspection will perfectly complement your search for reliable, convenient services. 

So, what are you waiting for? Call us at (828) 697-2860 or stop by our shop at 432 Kanuga Road, Hendersonville, NC 28739.