6 Diesel Maintenance Tips for Light-Duty & Medium-Duty Diesel Vehicles

Whether you drive a light-, medium-, or heavy-duty truck, preventative maintenance is important! Maintenance services can significantly extend your truck’s life, bolster fuel economy, improve resale value, and prevent more expensive repairs. It will also help you avoid fines from DOT.

Thankfully, maintenance is more convenient nowadays. With scheduled diesel maintenance, you can strategically plan services at the best time based on your needs. However, if your truck has an unplanned mechanical failure, all business stops, and your schedule has to be reshuffled.

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Sadly, some drivers still consider maintenance a waste of time. Few things can be farther from the truth! It’s best to use the following tips to unlock all the benefits of diesel maintenance. 

1. Schedule Oil & Oil Filter Changes

Whether you drive a Ford F-150, a Ram 3500, or any vehicle, pay attention to the oil. This fluid is tasked with lubricating engine parts, reducing friction, preventing corrosion, and more. It’s loaded with key additives, surfactants, and nutrients that help oil perform its essential functions.

Over time, those additives and other components are consumed and used up, causing the oil to be less effective. If you are skipping oil and filter changes, this can prematurely age your engine or outright destroy it. Dirty and old oil will clog your engine and result in the buildup of harmful heat and friction. 

Thus, it’s important to have regular oil and filter changes based on the manufacturer’s suggested intervals. It’s also best to do so with a full-service auto repair facility instead of a quick lube shop.

2. Monitor Gaskets

Your diesel truck gaskets operate under extreme conditions. This requires the gaskets to be monitored closely and regularly inspected.

If you do spot a leaking gasket, it’s imperative to replace all of them as soon as possible. Why? Because if one gasket is leaking, the other gaskets can be too far behind.

3. Inspect Your Glow Plugs

The well-being of your diesel truck also hinges on properly performing glow plugs. Your truck relies on these components to generate heat for proper ignition. They are heating elements tasked with warming incoming air and fuel to encourage efficient engine combustion.

Because so many things ride on the performance of glow plugs, it’s best to have them regularly inspected. And during the winter months in Hendersonville, NC, checking glow plugs is even more crucial.

4. Change the Air Filter

Air filters must prevent dangerous debris and particles from reaching your engine. If you have a clogged or dirty air filter, many contaminants will pass through to reach engine parts and cause expensive damage. 

This makes changing the air filter a key part of diesel maintenance. The frequency of changing this filter depends on your driving environment. 

Make sure to ask our mechanics at Kanuga Tire & Auto about the best changing intervals for your truck. Above all, always use a new filter when replacing it.

5. Consider Using a Diesel Treatment

Anytime you fill your diesel tank, consider utilizing a bottle of diesel treatment. It’s an inexpensive way to prevent dangerous debris and impurities from reaching your engine. It’s one simple but a cost-effective suggestion for maintaining your diesel engine. 

6. Change the Fuel Filter

Most diesel truck manufacturers suggest you change the fuel filter every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. It would be best if you stick to these suggestions as closely as possible or change your fuel filters more often. 

Most of the newer diesel trucks feature primary and secondary fuel filters. Anytime you do a fuel filter change, you should change both filters.

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